Download Nexus Launcher (Leaked) APK for Android

Nexus Launcher APK is now available to be download by user online who are looking to Nexus launcher and make their smartphones look like Nexus. For you information, the Nexus UI just got exposed recently that simply means Download Nexus Launcher APK for Android is now available on internet that you can download and install on your phones to make it feel like you are Nexus user.

After we got the Nexus enthusiastic fan sharing his post about the Google’s upcoming launcher experience for all upcoming Nexus Android smartphones over on Google+ (although the post was deleted).

Thankfully, we now have a copy of the Nexus launcher apk file for your side loading pleasure.

Download Nexus Launcher APK for Android

Download Nexus Launcher APK for Android

Nexus launcher APK file can be easily installed on most of the Android devices out there for sideloading purpose.

However, the leak of this nexus launcher is not clear yet whether it will be an exclusive to Google’s Nexus devices, but we should find out relatively soon.

Note: Please be ware that this is not a download from Google Play. As the source is not confirmed for the leaked apk nexus launcher file, most of you guys won’t wanna try this but for the enthusiastic people about Nexus I know they are gonna try. So, download and install this third-party app on your Android device on your own risk.

Download Nexus Launcher APK file

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