ESSENTIAL PHONE FULL REVIEW: Although it runs preferred Android

Even though it turned into introduced less than 3 months in the past on the Code Conference, there’s already enough mythology surrounding the Essential Phone to fill a book. It comes from a logo-new billion-dollar startup led by using the person that helped create Android itself, Andy Rubin. That beginning binds it up with the records of all smartphones in a way that doesn’t generally practice on your run-of-the-mill tool. The smartephone became additionally delayed a bit, a signal that this tiny company hasn’t but quite discovered a way to punch above its weight elegance — which it is certainly trying to do.

Although it runs preferred Android, it is meant to behave as a leading edge for Essential’s new atmosphere of smart home devices and services linked with the aid of the mysterious Ambient OS. Even if we trust that Rubin’s futuristic vision for a connected domestic will come to skip, it is no longer going to happen overnight. Instead, all we honestly have right now is that future’s harbinger, a properly-designed Android phone that I’ve been testing for the past week.Essential Phone

Available unlocked or at Sprint, the $699 Essential Phone is an formidable tool. It has a completely unique manner to connect modular add-ons, starting with a 360-degree camera. It has a bold tackle a way to make a massive, edge-to-part display screen paired with top-flight materials which includes ceramic and titanium. And it has a twin digital camera system that is meant to compete with different flagship devices without adding any thickness to the cellphone.

That might be loads for even a huge agency like Samsung or Apple to attempt to do with a single phone. For a tiny organisation like Essential, the question is surely this: is it seeking to do an excessive amount of?

It might not be lengthy now earlier than we take area-to-edge monitors just like the one on the Essential Phone without any consideration, however for the instant it is still something special. There’s a cutout on the top for the selfie camera (and multiple sensors) shaped like a little U, splitting the reputation bar in 1/2 among notifications and your radio fame icons.

That cyclops eye seems like the kind of element that might be distracting, but in my revel in it turns into invisible nearly without delay. Ninety-5 percentage of the time Android would not placed something of value in that specific part of the display besides, and the smartphone is adept at keeping apps that move genuinely complete display screen (like video) letterboxed in. Every now after which you will have some thing like an photograph that will be full display screen and reduce off by using the digital camera, but it’s rare.

The display screen itself is LCD in place of OLED, this means that the Essential Phone won’t virtually work properly with VR headsets. (It doesn’t work with Google Daydream, for example.) The engineers at Essential inform me that finding a dealer who may want to do the cutout while improvement began 18 months ago restricted their options. Because some thing has to force the backlight underneath the display, going with LCD additionally approach there desires to nevertheless be a small “chin” bezel on the bottom of the cellphone.

Even although we’ve visible the no-bezel trick on phones like the Galaxy S8, it still feels high-quality to have this type of huge display on one of these small phone. The five.7-inch screen at the Essential Phone is bigger than what you may get on an iPhone 7 Plus or a Pixel XL, yet the cellphone itself is a great deal smaller. It’s a good deal nearer in length to the smaller opposite numbers of these phones, the iPhone 7 and Pixel, and their appreciably smaller shows.

The thing ratio is 19:10, which makes it taller than the ones two phones however slightly squarer than the Galaxy S8. For me it feels like the candy spot for Android, which regularly calls for you to to drag down the notification colour from the top. It’s simply less complicated to reach on the Essential Phone. (Sadly, there’s no manner to do that with a fingerprint sensor gesture in this phone.)

As a display, it’s top notch. It has huge viewing angles, is totally viewable in daylight, and of path it has approximately two kajillion pixels like all current smartphones.

The Essential Phone has the most appealing hardware design of any cellphone I’ve used in at the least a year. Everybody’s flavor is exclusive and so that is in the main my personal private aesthetic judgement, however it is a sturdy one. I really like protecting and the usage of this phone, and I love that it’s miles unapologetically square. The Essential Phone weighs about as plenty as an iPhone 7 Plus, however, as I stated, it is tons smaller. That makes it sense great, honestly dense.

Lots of phones sense like they are spinoff copies of different phones, but the Essential Phone really seems like its very own thing. There’s an old funny story that every one phones now are “massive black slabs” that certainly aspire to look like the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Near as I can inform, Essential decided to simply up and very own that joke. There isn’t a single emblem or regulatory ID or something anywhere on the cellphone (past a touch flag inside the SIM card tray). Turn it off and stand it on its stop and you may consider astronauts encountering it at the moon as an atonal choir chants them to their imminent doom.

The cellphone’s materials are precise, too: it’s a mixture of a titanium rail, a ceramic returned panel, and a Gorilla Glass 5 the front. There also are some traces of plastic across the display and interrupting the titanium area for antennas. Essential says the titanium makes the smartphone greater rigid and less susceptible to cracking when you drop it. And the ceramic is meant to be very scratch-resistant and lets in sure radio indicators through. I cannot say that I did a bunch of drop and key-scratch tests to verify those claims, due to the fact I did now not.

The rest of the standard cellphone elements are hit and leave out. There’s one speaker on the lowest, that is loud enough but easy to muffle together with your palm. The fingerprint sensor is on the lower back, in the center wherein you may effectively attain it. The earpiece speaker is an almost invisible slit that you don’t even be aware till the charging mild seems via it.

There is no preferred three.5mm headphone jack, which is essentially a trend now. But at the least it ships with a USB-C dongle (although not USB-C headphones). Trends be damned, I’m going to continue to be a curmudgeon approximately it, if only because as soon as this week I left each the dongle and my Bluetooth headphones on the office, so I couldn’t listen to tune or podcasts the next day.


Here it’s far, without a doubt the maximum crucial part of any Android smartphone evaluate: the digicam. Because most effective a handful of Android smartphones (Samsung’s Galaxy line, LG’s G6, Google’s Pixel, and HTC’s U11) have been capable of clean the bar of “as right or better than the iPhone.” So, Essential Phone camera: any desirable?


The camera gadget works with the aid of combining two 13-megapixel sensors; one is complete colour and the alternative is black and white. (It is a comparable approach to the dual-digital camera structures used by Huawei and Motorola.) Combining the snap shots from every sensor allows phones that work this way to take the facts from each and create a higher photo.

As Essential’s digicam engineer Yazhu Ling explains it, a black-and-white sensor doesn’t want to bother with colour statistics, so it may create a cleanser image with much less noise, in particular in low mild. Pair that to the shade picture and you ought to get better performance. Doing it that manner lets in Essential to use smaller digicam modules, which means it is able to cram its cameras into the monolithic aesthetic it’s created here without the want for a digicam bump. (Here’s a pleasing explainer on how Huawei’s similar device works.)

Now, the complicated component: an insignificant eight or so hours earlier than we had to post this evaluate, I were given a software program replace for the camera that added a manual HDR mode. More importantly, the replace advanced image high-quality — in some cases appreciably. What turned into yellow and flat earlier than became punchier and more contrasty. Where before I could have defined the low mild overall performance as “a dumpster fireplace but worse due to the fact you can as a minimum see hearth inside the dark,” now it’s coming near something like respectability.

I’ve tested it up towards the Pixel XL after the software program replace in low mild and in our office and my take is that the Pixel is a whole lot, a great deal faster at taking shots and has an facet in quality. We often communicate about the pinnacle tier of smartphone cameras being a count of taste more than a count number of excellent — and the Essential Phone hasn’t quite earned its manner into that class but.

Usually when an Android smartphone maker tells me that a horrific digital camera may be fixed via a software program update, I roll my eyes. That’s due to the fact every time I’ve heard that within the beyond, it’s basically been a lie. Color me pleasantly amazed that Essential controlled to make its digicam better on the eve of the release.

I’m now not sure if the physics of pixels and lens size will permit it to upward push to the level of the iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, or Pixel XL, regardless of some other software program release. But I have a lot greater trust that one’s coming than usual — the engineers at Essential were already showing off a history-blurring portrait mode earlier this week.


Ostensibly the real headline characteristic for the Essential Phone is that it’s the first of many Essential devices that is like minded with a brand new device for wi-fi module accessories. The first of those is a 360 camera that snaps directly to the lower back of the cellphone thru magnets.

As some distance as smartphone module systems cross, Essential has landed on a sequence of technical solutions that I suppose are fairly fashionable. There are two little metallic contacts which are there solely to offer energy. The records gets transferred wirelessly, but in reality, that wireless signal is simply suitable ol’ USB.

The modules do not need their own batteries, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi — they could get all of it from the phone from either the pogo pins or the wi-fi USB connection. The magnets make it smooth to attach and detach them. And the usual USB approach to wi-fi records approach it have to be easy for other companies to make modules. Keeping the records wireless manner fewer contacts that might corrode, too.

Compared to Motorola’s competing modular system, Essential’s setup has one fairly massive flaw: you can’t simply connect a module and stick everything on your pocket like you could with a Moto Z. But there are some blessings. It does not constrain destiny cellphone designs, as an example. A future smartphone should stick the module bits in every other spot with out breaking compatibility.

The largest advantage of the Essential system, however, is that those modules may want to paintings on different gadgets beyond smartphones. Not just the imminent Essential Home smart speaker, however other devices, too — doubtlessly from different manufacturers. Since the spec is just USB and Essential goes to open it as much as everyone, all people could theoretically take benefit of it. It’s a smarter method, because even supposing Essential hits its goal of promoting one million phones a 12 months, it really is nonetheless a tiny market for foremost hardware manufacturers.

The first (and up to now, most effective) module that Essential has announced is that 360 camera. It sells for $199, or bundled with the Phone for $50 extra (for a restrained time). I’ve most effective had it for multiple days, so I cannot deliver a variety of fundamental impressions.

My first affect is that it, you realize, works. You snap the digicam at the again of the smartphone, it launches a custom version of the digital camera app that is able to taking 360-diploma nevertheless pictures or video in 4K, and that’s it. Remove the digicam and the whole lot just toodles along. It looks as if a small aspect, but it’s honestly viable for a organization to make a mistake hot-swapping add-ons.

It is nice that the digicam itself is so small and pocketable and that I do not need to remember to rate up but another factor at night time. The pix and movies it produces do not appear specifically stellar to me, but we’ll do a deeper dive comparing it to other 360 cameras quickly. I had the camera app bug out a few instances, however generally it’s been fast and solid.

One humorous thing: there’s a tiny little fan within the camera itself that whirs up whilst you connect it. I guess making all of the bits in there so tiny additionally meant they may overheat? It would not harm whatever — the fan turns off whilst you’re recording video and it is now not that loud, but it’s miles type of bizarre.

Really, my major problem with the module device is that there may be best one in every of them, so you’re buying into an entire ecosystem based totally totally on agree with.

As for the processor, performance, and software, Essential did nearly all of the apparent and proper things. It’s going for walks at the identical contemporary hardware you can get on other top-shelf Android smartphones: a Qualcomm 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. There’s simply the only storage option, and also you can’t enlarge it.

I’ve discovered battery existence to be awesome, at least when in comparison to other big-display Android phones. I’m hitting a complete day without difficulty — although might be a stretch. That’s with pretty heavy use, too. Android people typically use the quantity of time the display screen is on before the battery dies as an apples-to-apples evaluation, and on the Essential Phone I were given just over seven hours.

In terms of traditional hardware specs, my largest complaints are that the Essential Phone is not waterproof and that there is no choice for wireless charging (until you matter the proprietary dock Essential intends to sell one day that prices via the ones accent touch pins).

Performance has been quite suitable, which I attribute in big element to the reality that Essential essentially hasn’t executed something to trade Android. It’s going for walks model 7.1.1 and the simplest software program customizations I could discover are as follows:

Custom digital camera app

Whatever software is necessary to make the modules work and accommodate the display cutout
A placing to send diagnostic records again to Essential
That’s it. There isn’t always even any Sprint software program here — even in case you buy it without delay from the carrier, nothing will get set up against your will and there may be not anything to uninstall. In an age of crapware, bloatware, adware, and spyware all masquerading as consumer-pleasant options direct from companies, this is a breath of fresh Android air.

I suppose it is viable that there are some close-to-the-metal software program tweaks on the Pixel XL that could benefit the Essential Phone, but beyond the camera I haven’t felt their lack. Nor have I ignored the many software tweaks Samsung puts on its Galaxy line, a number of which I certainly like, but none of which I take into account surely important.

Rubin has stated that he expects to offer software program updates for 2 years for the Essential Phone and protection updates for another year after that. He tells me that the choice to push out updates quick is one of the motives Essential did not do too much tweaking to the software.
The Essential Phone is an artifact from a destiny that doesn’t yet exist. Like every cultural artifact, it has a wealthy and compelling records this is most effective hinted at through its physical shape — although it’s a records of a future that won’t come to skip. You can appreciate artifacts for what they’re: an item of human craft like a well-grew to become vase (the Phone is fabricated from ceramic, in the end).

And yet: There’s no way to decide whether it fits well into Rubin’s imaginative and prescient for a linked domestic, due to the fact that we are still months far from truely understanding what so that it will appear like. Looking on the wireless module connector and guessing whether it will depend is like searching at an historic altar and looking to wager what arcane rituals it become in reality meant for.
Instead, all we’ve is this cellphone, and it is a completely excellent Android phone. Aesthetically, it is probably my favourite Android phone. But in accomplishing its monolithic layout and in getting it to retail keep cabinets so quickly (probably to beat a number of its fairly predicted competitors to market), it looks like Essential reduce the only nook you just can’t reduce on a top class cellphone: the camera.

The Essential Phone is doing a lot right: fashionable design, massive display, long battery life, and clean software program. And on pinnacle of all that, it has goals to do even greater with the ones modules. If you requested Android customers what they wanted inside the abstract, I suspect a great lots of them would describe this specific device. But while the digicam is quite precise, it doesn’t live as much as the high bar the relaxation of the smartphone market has set.

Sometimes artifacts are higher to behold than they’re to use.

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